Sick as can be

I started feeling ill on Sunday. By Monday afternoon I was really bad. Mum got a bit scared as my breathing was heavy and my chest hurt a bit.

With coronavirus around we had to be extra careful. So she took me to A&E at the hospital to get checked out. Luckily I got the all-clear – it was just a standard virus. I still felt rubbish for two more days after that but then I started to feel so much better.

Feeling grateful.

Sleepover sensation

I got to have a sleepover with my bestie last night. Omg we stayed up so late and had so much fun.

First we made dinner. On our own. Then we played Nintendo. Then twister. Then my little sister went to bed and we got set up on the sofa bed downstairs and watched Frozen 2 and had popcorn.

Mum came down at 11pm to check on us but we pretended to be asleep even though we weren’t. It was so funny.